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Terms & Conditions

Each booking made is subject to these terms and conditions and the rules and regulation of Mera Mera. We ask that you and your guests take the time to review the general conditions outlined below.

Our commitment

We will endeavor to have the Beach House (“Mera Mera”) and its facilities available for use by our customers. However, we reserve the right without prior notice, to close or restrict the use of the Beach House or any of its facility. The reason for any closure or restriction thereof may include technical or operational reasons, capacity, weather, special events or if Mera Mera reasonably considers the circumstances requires or warrants ensuring the safety and security of our guests.


  1. The person making reservation or booking(s) or person(s) who executes the required documentation for use of the Beach House shall have primary responsibility for their  guest(s) and ensuring all rules, regulation, and guidelines as may be published by Mera Mera including this terms and conditions are adhered to by them and their guest(s).

  2. Booking/reservation are not transferable to any other person except at the discretion of Mera Mera.

  3. Changes to a Booking/reservation is subject to availability and may attract additional cost.


  1. Payment for Booking (s), and Caution Deposit for the use of Mera Mera indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions as well as the rules and regulations of Mera Mera.

  2. Payment of Booking fees and caution deposit for the use of Mera Mera also indicates that the terms and conditions as well as the rules and regulations of Mera Mera are binding on the Hirer and all users (either guest or invitees) of Mera Mera

  3. Booking times for preferred package is not possible to flex and you must have vacated Mera Mera by the closing time indicated on your booking else refer to Caution Deposit Terms 

  4. Kindly take note of the Check- in and Check- out times indicated on your official invoice. Late check out would incur a disruption fee of N50,000 for each hour of delay.

  5. We are unable to extend the check-out time and we require each guest to adhere to the check-out time. 

  6. Bookings will be reserved upon receipt by Mera Mera of full payment of the booking fee or applicable required deposit of no less than 50% of the booking fee payable.

  7. The balance of any booking reservation is required before access can be granted to the Beach House, as Booking is only confirmed upon receipt of full payment.  

  8. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation or booking if full payment is not made or for any other reason.

  9. upon receipt of the full Payment, confirmation of the booking and “next steps” will be sent to the Hirer.

  10. Mera Mera reserves the right to cancel any reservation where full payment has not been received at least  2 weeks prior to the scheduled date for booking. 

  11. Cash payment are not accepted on site and all payments must be made by electronic transfer to Mera Mera account as provided by us. 

  12. We reserve the right to refuse any booking or reservation without providing any reason.

  13. Whilst unlikely, we may occasionally have to make changes to your booking and reserve the right to do so. We anticipate these to be minor and we will advise you of such changes as soon as possible.


  1. The Hirer or person who makes a reservation or completes a booking, i.e. the lead name, certifies that he or she is authorized to agree to the Booking Conditions on behalf of all members of the party, including any changes to the booking conditions.

  2. The Hirer/Client must be over 18 years and must be present at the Beach House at all material times. The lead name agrees to take responsibility for all members of the party.

  3. the Client has the responsibility of ensuring the safety of all users/occupants of the Beach House including their invitees during their stay at the Mera Mera. 

  4. Mera Mera’s does not provide life guard and each occupant and the Hirer must ensure that they put in place, adopt and adhere to safety measures at all times. 

  5. You or any of your invitee shall ensure that you avoid any indecent exposure and do not publish false, misleading or make false or negligent misrepresentation concerning Mera Mera brand on any social media or other media platforms.

  6. Mera Mera’s social media handle can be tagged on social media platforms - pictures, videos or any form of media coverage of events at the Mera Mera. Please exercise caution with respect to pictures or videos posted on social media relating to the use of Mera Mera which may tarnish Mera Mera’s reputation or expose it to unhealthy publicity. Such as indecent display of nudity in picture or video format.


Refund & Cancellation Policy

  1. Client would be eligible for full refund for reservation or bookings cancelled at least 14 days prior to arrival.

  2. Client would be eligible to fifty percent of their booking fee for bookings or reservations cancelled at least 7 days before arrival or earlier.

  3. No refund shall be given for bookings or reservations cancelled less than seven days before arrival date.


Rescheduling Policy

  1. Only applicable when your booking is affected by Force Majeure events i.e events beyond Mera Mera’s control.


Caution Deposit Policy

  1. Customers are required to make a refundable deposit of N200,000 for each booking.

  2. An extra charge of N50,000 per hour would be charged as disruption fee if check out time is not adhered to

  3. Cost for any damage caused by the client, guests or vendors of the client, would be deducted from the caution deposit paid by the client. The client will be pre-informed before a deduction is made.

  4. Under no circumstance may more than the maximum numbers of persons, as prescribed by Mera Mera occupy the Beach House or any of its rooms including any of its amenities such as the Swimming pool and jacuszzi. Mera Mera reserve the right to make deduction of N5,000 per head from the Caution Fee or refuse admittance if this condition is not observed. No refunds will be given if admittance has been refused for this reason.

  5. The balance of the Caution Fee (if any) will be returned to you within 5 working days of your departure date. Where such costs exceed the Caution Fee you will be required to pay such excess to Mera Mera within 10 days of being notified.


Peak Season and Wedding Caution Deposit

  1. A standard wedding and Peak Season caution deposit of N250,000 is payable for wedding events

  2. If Mera Mera is unavailable due to events beyond our control (e.g. storm damage), we will advise you of the problem as soon as we can and fully refund your money – Mera Mera shall not be  responsibility for any further claim or loss. 



  1. You are expected to take all reasonable care of our properties. Please ensure Mera Mera and all its contents are left clean and tidy at the end of your stay and report any breakages or defects.

  2. You will be liable for any damage caused to the properties during your stay except for reasonable ‘wear and tear’. 

  3. In the event of damages caused by you or your invitees, you agree that Mera Mera shall deduct the cost of repair from the caution fee.



We reserve the right for the purpose of maintenance and replenishment to enter the Beach House  with or without workmen at any reasonable time, even in the absence of the hirer.


Return of Personal Belongings

  1. In the event of any items being left at Mera Mera, we will collect, pack and post the items back and courier fee will be required to be paid before such belongings can be dispatched to you.

  2. Failure to request for items found at Mera Mera within 2 days after the date of departure, shall be destroyed by Mera Mera and Mera Mera shall bear no liability and be held harmless from such destruction.


  1. Pets are allowed at the Beach House, at the owner’s risk. The owner shall bear full liability for any loss or damage caused by the pet.

  2. Mera Mera shall also deduct from the caution fee if any damage is caused by the pet to any of Mera Mera’s property, amenities or facilities.



  1. The use of the Mera Mera is exclusive to the Hirer and its guest/invitee during the period booked by the Hirer.

  2. It is not permitted to exceed the maximum occupancy for the house. Details of maximum numbers and terms are provided by Mera Mera upon booking


Smoking is not permitted in internal rooms, bedroom bathrooms, kitchen, lounge, and within Mera Mera. Please also dispose off cigarettes appropriately and responsibly (Please do not bury cigarette butts in the sand at the beach, or in the gardens around Mera Mera).

Candles and other Fire Risk

  1. The lighting of matches and burning of candles, incense or similar is strictly prohibited within and around the rooms in Mera Mera

  2. The lighting of fires or barbeques near Mera Mera is strictly prohibited. Use of lighting is restricted to the kitchenette and area designated for BBQ’s.


  1. Valuables should not be stored in the Mera Mera and we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to the hirer’s property.

  2. We do not accept liability for any damage, loss or injury to any member, guest, occupants  or for loss or damage to their  baggage, vehicles or contents.

  3. We shall not be liable for any accident or injury which occurred at Mera Mera, the beach or water front.

  4. Mera Mera shall not be responsible for any injury (including death), damage or loss sustained by any person when using the facilities and amenities of Mera Mera

  5. Facilities and amenities used by the Hirer or its Invitees/ Guest are at their own risk and hereby agree to accept and assume any and all risks of injury, death or property damage resulting from use of the facilities.

  6. The Hirer or its Invitees/ Guest shall hold and keep Mera Mera, employees, agents, and any third party harmless and fully indemnified against all losses, damages, and claims for property damage, personal injury, or monetary loss (including attorneys’ fees) resulting from your actions or omissions, and the actions or omissions of your Occupants, during your stay.


  1. The use of accommodation and amenities, where offered, such as swimming pools, hot tubs/Jacuzzi, beach rooms and other amenities etc, is entirely at the users’ risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, or loss or damage to users’ or visitors’ belongings.

  2. Mera Mera will not be liable to you, any member of your party or person visiting the property during the period of your hire or it for happenings outside its reasonable control, such as breakdown of domestic appliances, plumbing, wiring, temporary invasion of pests, building works at adjacent properties, damage resulting from exceptional weather conditions or other unforeseeable circumstance.

  3. You also accept that Mera Mera will not be liable for any negligence resulting in loss, injury or accident.

  4. Mera Mera has the right to enter the property (without prior notice if this is not practical or possible) if special circumstances or emergencies arise (for example if repairs need to be carried out). Mera Mera reserves the right to repossess the property at any time where you or any member of your party has caused damage, and in such circumstances Mera Mera shall not be liable to make a refund of any remaining portion of the hire terms paid.


Where terms and conditions are breached during your hire (e.g. causing a disturbance, occupancy over agreed numbers), we reserve the right on the site to ask you leave with no refund. We may also refuse all further booking


Complaints Procedure
In the unlikely event of a difficulty, all complaints must be immediately lodged at Mera Mera‘s office or staff on ground.

Payment and use of property also serve as consent of Mera Mera’s T&Cs.

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